About Us & Secrets, Scandals & Sunsets 


Aquaduck has operated on the Gold Coast since 1996 offering visitors, locals and their families a fun filled sightseeing tour of the Gold Coast on land and water. We are a locally owned business that also operates Aquaduck Sunshine Coast, Aquaduck Gold Coast and Southern Cross Tours

Chris, Sarah, Tony

About Us & Secrets, Scandals & Sunsets 

In 2019, we had planned to create a new product for Aquaduck. Something that was more of a drinks sunset cruise created for adults featuring a Surfers paradise river cruise, after a day at the theme parks for internationals or as a pre dinner drinks cruise for locals and domestic visitors. 

However, in 2020 COVID-19 impacted travel, borders were closed and no one could come to the Gold Coast and enjoy our new drinks / sunset Aquaduck cruise. So we got to thinking why don’t we create something that is a little bit cheeky and a little bit more adult that tells the tales of the Gold Coast in a fun and entertaining way then our passengers could relax with a beer or bubbles and enjoy a laugh.

So that’s what we did! We went out to everyone we know and asked them about some of the more interesting Surfers paradise residents, created a list of hot news items that have caught people’s attention over time and put it all together to form an Interesting and entertaining commentary. 

Secrets, Scandals and Sunsets is a load of different cruises and tours rolled into one but most of all it’s good fun. 

We have created a cruise for you that is ideal for Staff parties, Christmas parties, Hens nights, 21st birthday celebrations, 40th birthday celebrations – actually for any celebration.